Oneonta Cafe on a Mission to Build Community and Make Change.

Welcome to Social Eats Project 607, Inc. your go-to cafe located in the heart of Mohawk Valley Region in Oneonta, New York.  The Social is a cozy & casual benefit cafe on the corner of Main Street and East End avenue that will serve as your “third place”. Serving breakfast, lunch & brunch all day, alongside craft beer, wine and cocktails, we are dedicated to improving lives in our community and we are the only cafe in the region serving specialty coffee, scratch-made food & baked goods alongside a full bar.   

The fundamentals of the Social Eats Project 607 business model came to paper in 2017 after the owner/founder, Michelle Iannelli-Rubin became inspired by social business models. With the belief that we all have a dichotomy of selves – the selfish and the selfless; alongside the believe that we all have a social, environmental & community responsibility, Michelle developed a profitable business model that could encourage positive change while providing guests with a memorable experience.  A for profit cafe, Social Eats Project 607 is setup to bring the community together through the experience.  Every dollar spent with us, will serve the region.  A strong believer in the “slow-food movement”, Michelle created the menu based on the concept of the slow food movement, which envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for the planet.  Slow food is food that is grown locally (preferably organically and in season) by farmers and workers who are paid fairly.

A little background…

Michelle was born in Long Island to Anna & Michael Iannelli (former owners of Iannelli’s Ristorante).  In 1985, she moved to Schoharie County and graduated from Cobleskill Central School in 1993 with a degree in Business and French. Raised in the hills of Schoharie County, she is a first generation Italian-American that appreciates all cultural roots and connection, and chose to study close to home at SUNY Oneonta.  After completing her Bachelors in French in 1997, Oneonta became her home.

A foodie at heart with an appreciation of cultures,  Michelle and her husband Alan (co-owner) love traveling with their family and choose to “live like the locals” when they do.  From the southern isles of the Caribbean, to the massive Rocky Mountains,  the west coast of the Seattle waterfront and the southern coast of Italy & Spain, along with the romantic streets of city of Paris, their travels and life experiences attribute to the cafe menu and atmosphere. Michelle’s entrepreneurial spirit is driven by strong values in family, community, and helping fellow humans.  

Spreading positivity and kindness, the Social Eats Project 607 cafe is dedicated to empowering us all to serve our community and “be part the change”.

“Kindness is magic, make magic.”

~ The Social