A Unique Flavor Profile At Social Eats Café

Your Third Place – Social Eats Project 607

As construction is moving along, we are finally getting closer to the reality of opening our doors, offering you a “third place” to spend time.  A third place is a place where people can exchange ideas, have a good time and build relationships.  First place is home, second place is work, and third place is your community cafe, Social Eats.  I have been waiting a long time for this café to come to fruition.  Social Eats Cafe Project 607 is your your “third place”, and will give you a comfortable and relaxed environment to gather throughout the day.  What makes Social Eats unique, is our business model using business as a force for good.  More details on that in another post.  I promise.

So let’s talk coffee.

Green Coffee BeansDetermining a roast style for the coffee I serve, as well as flavor profile is next up.  Creating a signature brew will cultivate an appreciation for the culture of coffee, its delicious complexity which must be experimented with and respected.  The world of coffee has changed significantly over the years.  I promise not to overwhelm you, but I am excited to share my knowledge with you of all that I’ve learned from bean to cup.  I’ve been active in the coffee world for more than 5 years now. Gathering information, researching, learning and attending industry conferences, and sampling coffee from around the world!

Did you know that most countries that produce the coffee bean are in the Tropics (the belt running between the tropics of cancer and Capricorn), the top 10 are (in least to most production):  Uganda, Guatemala, India, Peru, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam, and Brazil?  And did you know that there are many taste profiles from the different coffee growing regions around the globe?  And did you know that there are two main types of beans?  Arabica and Robusta.  It’s fascinating, right?