Be The Change.

The inevitable change through these uncertain times has shifted our buildout timeline for Social Eats Cafe Project 607.  Our mindset as we approach the potentially long winter season is filled with encouragement and hope.  Our hearts and vision to make Social Eats Project 607 happen are still strong!  The Rubin family is continually looking up, and we are excited to begin our creative little corner of the world.  Springtime is a time for renewal, a time for rebirth and what a better time of year to start anew. We have revisited the site design and have pivoted.  We think you will appreciate it. Good news is that up until December 1st, we will share our plans with contractors to partner with us and help us bring our site to reality! Social Eats Cafe Project 607 will continue to represent hope and positive change in our community, and more so in our region. The pandemic has taken a toll on every one of us.  We have all been forced to pivot in one way or another. In my heart, I know we will ALL get through this with Patience, Perseverance, & Resilience. I have faith.