“Fall”ing into Place.

Remember to look up.

With the COVID-19 cloud still lingering above us, the original time-line for the Social had to be let go.  Rest assured all of my plans are still brewing with details thoroughly thought out, and a new time-line for the Social to come to fruition in Spring of 2021. 

This pandemic has forced us all to let go of many things and accept life, one day at a time.  This pandemic has forced us all to put a pause of many dreams, ideas, and plans we all had before it.  And this pandemic has taught us that acceptance, adjustments, flexibility and perseverance will see us through. We all need to be able to pivot. 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”, this rings true for me, for the Social, for us all.

We got this.