You’re hired…well, almost!

The Social Eats Café family is coming together!  Grateful and completely shocked by the number of applicants that applied, I’ve got my sights on some great prospects that I’ll be contacting next week: Monday, April 18th – Wednesday, April 20th. 

Curious to know what I did with all those applicants? In short, I hosted a speed round of preliminary interviews, where I met some awesome people with drive, spunk, creativity and all around great personalities that want to belong to the new café family on the East End!  Round 1 interviews consisted of a quick, 15 minute zoom with 1 quirky and 5 “get-to-know” you questions.  The list of Round 2 applicants will be contacted and scheduled to visit the cafe for the next round in the upcoming weeks. I’m eager to offer positions and share the Social Eats Cafe family with you by the end of April!

By the way, if you’re interested to apply, please don’t hesitate!  For the next few months, I will keep our hiring platform open as I learn the demands and needs of scheduling for our café hours.