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Coffee beans, they are more powerful than you imagined.

Our love story with coffee began with a fascination and appreciation of the variety of beans and their power. Did you know that coffee beans are grown what is known as the  “Coffee Belt” or ” The Bean Belt”?  This region is predominately in South America. Getting our green thumb out, coffee plants require a lot of rain, and they’re sensitive to…
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Coffee & community, starting up.

Social Eats Café Project 607,  your third place, where your morning coffee is fresh, loose leaf tea is top notch alongside scratch-made breakfast, lunch and all day brunch is served between 7am – 3pm.  We have coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and grab & go breakfast sandwiches, fresh croissants, muffins, biscotti, quiche, egg cups, etc at 7am. The kitchen opens at…
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